“The training courses we deliver represent the highest level anywhere within the private sector – anywhere in the world.”

Mobius provide bespoke specialist training courses for governments and the private sector. Our remit is to produce consistently outstanding close protection and covert surveillance operators/ teams; high-risk firearms and SWAT teams; advanced security driving and specialist medical training services. This specialist training is a niche service that allows our organisation to provide clients with properly skilled close protection and covert surveillance teams/ operatives.

Why Choose Mobius International?

All specialist-training courses are run by elite professionals that have both the training and background to teach a variety of specialised Close Protection courses. Our former UK Special Forces (SAS, SBS & SRR), Royalty & Specialist Protection and Close Protection Unit Royal Military Police Instructor teams are available to train teams at our own facilities and throughout worldwide deployment.


We pride ourselves on delivering a service based on integrity and dependability


Experience spanning over 25 years in over 50 countries and across 6 continents


We can expedite solutions both at home and abroad through our international expertise

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